4th July, 2013


Prayers to help those expected to be in Trouble in Uttarakhand


The “Times of India” in its newspaper dated 2nd July, 2013 has reported that according to Met office from 4th July, 2013 heavy downpour may hit relief. To avoid such tragedy at our religious place and violence I have started the prayers from today to prevent or at least reduce the gravity of such a situation.

The best treatment for such situations are the prayers. I request that the people may perform the relevant prayers according to their faith from 4th July, 2013 onward at their own places.

These prayers will definitely show some improvement in the expected adverse environments. The Disaster Management may continue its usual activities and let all of us while at home pray to prevent or reduce the expected unfortunate atmosphere in Uttarakhand.

May God help the people of Uttarakhand and bless the people who pray at home for their safety and security. Our prayers will continue simultaneously. These prayers always help the people for whom we pray and also the people who pray in some way.


Lachhman Das Madan

Jyotish Samrat

Editor “Baba Ji