5th April, 2013

Govt attempting to reduce element of saving Murders and other Criminal Activities by the dangerous People before hand

by Jyotish Samrat Lachhman Das Madan

1. CBI Special Judge Vinod Kumar who delivered the case of conviction of former Haryana Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala and his son. Some attack on him or his family members is feared within the next three months and he should be provided with proper security immediately.

2. Similarly, there is very weak time for J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and attack or some other similar difficulty with him or his family is feared twice upto July, 2013. Besides there are number of such other persons like SP Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav who can be warned and take precaution to escape disaster.

The "Baba Ji" magazine which is issued fortnightly gives important information about the expected deaths and murders of important persons, transport accidents, fires, explosions, earthquakes and other calamities and gets it copyighted.

The fee for getting copyrighted was required to pay Rs. 50 for the whole magazine containing hundreds of such predictions. The Govt has now increased the rate to Rs. 500 which is highly discouraging for such important magazines which don't make any money but help the people and the Govt. Their objective is only to establish the credibility of the predictions because these generally came true and save the people. I don't think any astrological magazine is making much money. They are serving the people withoiut any profit. To increase the copyright fee to Rs. 500 is most unfortunate and reduces the scope of security forces and disaster management to save the people in time.

They should immediately reduce the copyright fee of such astrological magazines like "Baba Ji" at the earlier fee which was Rs. 50 per issue so far.

Incidentally in the near future say within next three months it appears that some attack or similar calamity in respect of the important persons and the families like Gandhi family etc are feared but on account of their efforts to reduce the saving process for the general people I have not applied my full mind on their horoscopes.

The Govt is requested to reduce the copyright fee to Rs. 50 as it was before than hiking it to Rs. 500. As an Editor of "Baba Ji" I will not like to get copyrighted and have also not obtained the copyright for the last issue which released on 29th March, 2013 when they demanded Rs. 500 instead of Rs. 50. I did not pay Rs. 500 and word copyright had been printed before it was presented for copyright. The predictions remain my predictions unless one proves it was predicted before my magazine.

As a protest I may stop the printing of the "Baba Ji" magazine instead of paying them Rs. 500 just for getting copyrighted. Govt may kindly consider reducing the copyright fee to Rs. 50 for making astrological predictions for the protection of the people because the magazine does not enjoy personal advantage to achieve.