20th March, 2013


DMK Quits UPA and What Next

by Jyotish Samrat Lachhman Das Madan

On this website the following forecast is being displayed since 4th March, 2013 and as predicted the first short has been fired by the DMK on 19th March, 2013.

"An Important Person may be appointed to prevent destabilization or Indiscipline—The planetary configurations reveal that between 12th March to 10th May, 2013 some sort of accident, indiscipline or destabilization due to the murder, death, party splits etc is likely to take place and a new important person is likely to be entrusted to enforce the discipline and establish its authority to bring about a change in the environments who will give a new importance to India in the world forum." (Spot prediction for India being displayed on website www.babajee.info since 4th March, 2013).

Human memory may be very short but the history provides the national achievements of the country.

While recording India's achievements inter alia the following episodes and the ultimate achievements about India were recorded in Volume 182 of the "Baba Ji" released on 20th August, 1997 on the occasion of 50th Independence Anniversary of India:—

"Your children frustrated the design of Pakistan to snatch Jammu and Kashmir from you on the 26th October, 1947. Junagadh was liberated on the 7th November, 1947. In September, 1948 crushed Nizam of Hyderabad through a mere police action and made Hyderabad an integral part of India. On 9th December, 1961 re-occupied Goa. All the 550 states operating under British were also integrated into India by 1950.

Your children reposed full faith in co-existence but were humiliated. They have again extended their hand of friendship and have full faith in the doctrine of co-existence where ultimate success is imperative for world peace......

I, on the basis of astrological knowledge, assure you that your children will achieve the objectives and will occupy the top position in the world between 2009 to 2025 to provide a healing touch to the whole mankind. Today you accept my salute and in the above years the whole mankind will salute you, my mother! I have no doubt about it." (Volume 182 of the "Baba Ji" released on 20th August, 1997).

For the immediate future the following copyrighted forecast stands recorded in the "Baba Ji" Volume 352 released on 31st December, 2012:-

"Future Prospects of Indian National Congress—The transiting Neptune from the third house is aspecting the natal Neptune, Sun and Mercury which is highly ominous particularly Mercury being the lord of the tenth house and the 7th house. The transit of Mars and Pluto from the ascendant has made the Congress party introduce FDI system which is highly harmful to the country and is likely to give a major setback to the Congress and its top leaders at any time before 23rd April, 2013…..

Politial scenario during 2013—The transit of Jupiter from Mithuna Rashi from 1st June, 2013 will suddenly change the entire atmosphere of the country which will improve the law and order and earn much respect in the foreign countries.

The increasing violence and lawlessness is likely to come under check soon and as a result thereof the entire political environments in the country will undergo a change which will be more visible from 1st June, 2013.

In the meantime the process of adventure earning strategy political games will be strongly criticized. The ruling parties and the opposition will have no other alternative but to change their behaviour before it is too late." (Volume 352 of the "Baba Ji" released on 31st December, 2012).

More deails on the subject may be seen on this website on 21st March, 2013.