Let people work hard and eliminate corruption to fulfil the Baba Ji’s forecast that India will not only regain its own glory but will become more helpful in rejuvenation of mankind and revive India’s past glory. Some the current predictions may help you to strengthen your faith in your deity


Jyotish Samrat Lachhman Das Madan, 10th May, 2013


Baba Ji’s Eagle Eye and the display of the utility of Ancient Indian Wisdom stands established in the following forecasts and the events

India’s Unusual Tension with China and improved Respect in Foreign Affairs Foretold

Just before the commencement of the year 2013 it was predicted in the “Baba Ji” on 31st December, 2013 that in a period of one month from 10th April, 2013 some unusual tension is likely to brew up in foreign affairs but it was also foretold that India’s respect will much improve in this aspect. India was also warned to remain vigilant for any possible attack or any such attempt by Pakistan and China.

Besides several attempts made by Pakistan to attack Indian territory through army personnel and terrorists Chinese army also infiltrated into Indian territory.

The news about Chinese army infiltration inside Indian territory in Ladakh upto 19 km on 15th April, 2013 created unusual tension in foreign affairs and the tension escalated day by day. In this context first flag meeting on 18th April, 2013 between the two countries failed and on 23rd April, 2013 second flat meeting also ended in failure. On 30th April, 2013 third flag meeting too failed.

On 3rd May, 2013 India hardened its stand threatening to call off External Affairs Minister’s upcoming visit to China if the stand-off is not resolved soon by China. The strategy worked and China on 5th May, 2013 pulled out its troops from Indian territory. The episode though created unusual tension but also improved India’s respect in the international forum.

The prediction is reproduced below.

Covering Forecast

“India—Foreign Affairs—In foreign affairs in totality Indian respect will much improve. Some sort of unusual tension is likely to brew up within a period of one month from 10th April, 2013.....

This year terrorists and others trained by Pakistan, China etc are likely to attack India or they may encourage the Indian militancy to vitiate India’s atmosphere and environments. India is likely to give a befitting reply and capture their equipments and other material. In this context India must start its preparation right from now as cosmos reveals a strong urge amongst enemies to play double standard policies with India to gain some strategic advantage from India.” (Volume 352 of the “Baba Ji” released on 31st December, 2012).

Share Market Rise in India Foretold

In Volume 354 of the “Baba Ji” released on 29th March, 2013 the rise of share prices was predicted for India within a period of one month from 10th April, 2013. It was also foretold that the downward trend will be checked to a great extent.

While writing this prediction the share market was showing downward trend as the BSE Index which was at 19564 points on 12th March, 2013 continued to decline throughout the month and on 10th April, 2013 it was at 18414 points but then as predicted the downward trend came under check right from 10th April, 2013, the upward trend started and the BSE Index progressed throughout the month with a gain of over 1500 points at the end. The details are as under:—

Date                             BSE                    NSE

12/3/2013                    19564                 5914

29/3/2013                    18835                 5682

10/4/2013                    18414                 5558

16/4/2013                    18744                 5689

18/4/2013                    19016                 5783

29/4/2013                    19387                 5904

1/5/2013                      19504                 5930

9/5/2013                      19939                 6050

The prediction is reproduced below.

Covering Forecast

“India—Within a period of one month from 10th April, 2013..... The prices of some important shares are likely to rise. In totality, the downward trend will be checked to a great extent despite economy being under pressure.” (Volume 354 of the “Baba Ji” released on 29th March, 2013).