“Baba Ji”s Eagle Eye and the impact of Cosmos on the Planet Earth, enforcement of the discipline to prevent destabilization or indiscipline established at the dotted time and now what next?


Jyotish Samrat Lachhman Das Madan (9th May, 2013)

In this context the following forecasts were recorded in the “Baba Ji” and also released on the “Baba Ji” website much before the time:—

“India—The planetary configurations reveal that between 12th March to 10th May, 2013 some sort of accident, indiscipline or destabilization due to the murder, death, party splits etc is likely to take place and a new important person is likely to be entrusted to enforce the discipline and establish its authority to bring about a change in the environments who will give a new importance to India in the world forum.” (Spot prediction being displayed on the “Baba Ji” website since 4th March, 2013).

Within the fixed date of the prediction the results of the state elections have been declared where Congress has given throuncing defeat to BJP and other opposition parties winning 121 seats in the state on 8th May, 2013.

Regarding BJP loss in Karnataka it was due to indiscipline, infighting within the party and corruption at the state level. They could not take timely action against former Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa despite his alleged involvement in mining scam and in the process compromised on administration in the post-Yeddyurappa regime. On that account the party became highly indisciplined and weak which damaged their prospects in the Karnataka state assembly elections and their seats reduced to 40 and for this they were repeatedly warned in several issues of the “Baba Ji” to control infighting and improve their mutual behaviour in order to avoid resultant repentance. Some predictions are given below:—

“In the horoscope of BJP the Sun period has started which is in the 10th house and has exchanged the house with Jupiter deposited in the 3rd house......

In the Bhava chart, however, Saturn aspects Sun. This creates differences between the leaders and can damage their image to a great extent......

BJP is posed to uplift the national interests and sacrifice personal bickering. Will they do it? It all depends on their mutual behaviour. Power seems to be in their pocket but sensitivity towards each other is their poison to kill each other.” (Volume 353 of the “Baba ji’ released on 31st January, 2013).

“Future Prospects of BJP—In the Bhava chart Sun is opposed by Saturn which is quite unfavourable. This implies that their success is based on their rapport with others...... their success will be limited to the extent they cooperate and receive cooperation from their allies otherwise both will repent.” (Volume 340 of the “Baba Ji” released on 2nd January, 2012).

Regarding Congress success in Karnataka on looking to the horoscope of P. Chidambaram the following forecast was recorded in the “Baba Ji” on 1st May, 2013:—

“Congress—If some important job is entrusted to P. Chidambaram between 4th to 29th May, 2013 he will achieve remarkable success relating to Congress.” (Volume 355 of the “Baba Ji” released on 1st May, 2013).

While Congress achieved success in Karnataka on 8th May, 2013 at state level it received a serious setback at national level on the same day when Supreme Court, while examining the affidavit submitted by the CBI in connection with coal scam, took a very strong stand and called the investigating agency a “caged parrot speaking in its master's voice”. Supreme Court also indicted Union Law and Justice Minister Ashwani Kumar and Attorney General Vahanvati and sought an undertaking from the Govt to make CBI an independent body.

In this context apart from the above prediction of enforcing the discipline which has came absolutely correct in both cases, firstly the enforcement of discipline at state level by the people of Karnataka by ousting an indisciplined party and, secondly the enforcement of discipline at national level by the Supreme Court over coalgate giving setback to the Govt the following forecast was made in the “Baba Ji” predicting that some sort of new body is likely to emerge (Supreme Court has sought an undertaking from the Govt to make CBI an independent body).

“India—Within about one month from 10th April, 2013 a new body is likely to emerge. While the action will be taken by the same body the power may be with judiciary, security forces and some other important bodies.” (Volume 211 of the “Baba Ji” (Hindi) released on 17th November, 2012).

In the issues of “Baba Ji” it was repeatedly predicted giving a warning to Congress and other parties harvesting corruption that their interests can only be protected if they prevent corruption as the horoscope of India does not allow corruption. Some of the predictions are as under:—

“Congress versus BJP—In the horoscope of Congress the sub-period of Jupiter in the main period of Rahu will operate from 23rd January, 2013 to 19th June, 2015...... Their interests can be protected if they prevent corruption in the national atmosphere.......

In any case national chart does not allow corruption anymore.” (Volume 353 of the “Baba Ji” released on 31st January, 2013).

Despite the fact that India’s horoscope does not allow corruption several thousand crores of rupees from the national treasure have been plundered, efforts were made to protect the corrupt people, facts were tempered with and all this has given serious setback and embarrassment to the Govt on 8th May, 2013 and brought the national prestige at stake.

People General Cooperation also Foretold

Despite this as predicted in last issue Volume 355 of the “Baba Ji” released on 1st May, 2013 the people in general displayed their aggressive and dominating approach and still cooperating with Govt. The Govt is making full use of the amenable approach of the people to their advantage. The prediction is reproduced below.

“India—The people in general will become agressive, dominating and still cooperating with Govt. The Govt is likely to make full use of the amenable approach of the people to their advantage.” (Volume 355 of the “Baba Ji” released on 1st May, 2013).

All the predictions made so far relating to the above events have come correct to the dot. What will be the immediate impact of these events on the nation has been repeatedly predicted in the earlier issues of the “Baba Ji”. These will be brought out on the website in the next release.